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Trust In The GCI-Guys To Sell Your Home!

Been a while since our last blog…  Man, real estate is keeping us busy, and THANK YOU for that! It has been great helping so many families and now, there is another type of person I want to help.

And that’s the folks who have not been able to sell their home, and now their listing has expired or been withdrawn.

You probably get calls all the time from realtors, which, makes you angry and at times, disgusted. I feel your pain. They bombard you, don’t stop, and sometimes, they’re mean if you don’t listen to them. And on behalf of the good realtors, I apologize.

With that said…

I’m not that type of realtor.

I am a problem solver, a mover and a shaker. Bottom line is, I get homes sold, and I do it like no other. Not only can I can tell you why your home did not sell, but I can tell you what I will do to get it sold. I do more marketing than any other realtor (at my expense) AND I do it for LESS and save you THOUSANDS!

These are claims which I can quantify and show evidence. If you have a few moments, I’d love to chat with you about your home, get an idea of why you think it didn’t sell, or what issues you might have had, and I will share with you a few options and ideas.

No strings attached or obligations, but I promise if you give me the opportunity to show you why The GCI-Guys are different, you will be very pleased that you gave us an opportunity.

Not all realtors are created equally. We are marketing experts, tireless workers, and WE ALWAYS ANSWER A CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL WITHIN MINUTES IF NOT RIGHT AWAY. This is a GUARANTEE, friends!

‘Til next time…

Lee Goldberg
The GCI-Guys

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