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Deep Thoughts in Real Estate…

Hi friends… This month’s “Deep Thoughts in Real Estate….” I just came up with that title, but Jack Handey from SNL fame I am not. All lame attempts at jokes aside, there is one thing you should bring into your thought process when it comes to the home buying process, and that one little nugget is FLEXIBILITY!!

In almost a decade of selling real estate, I’ve learned many things. For buyers, nothing is more valuable than being open-minded. Otherwise, you set yourself up for disappointment, and nobody likes that.

When I meet with a new buyer, I get their list of wants and needs. They are two very different lists. The first thing I will say is this—if you have a list of 10 things you must have, just know 2-3 of those might not happen. And that goes FOR ANY PRICE POINT!! It’s human nature. We always want more, right? Not for all, but certainly for many. Here is a great example: We have an awesome client, single mom, special needs teacher, just an overall great person, even though she is an FSU fan (Go Canes!), but we wanted to help her as much as we possibly could. At first, she wanted only one specific area, and one specific neighborhood. The inventory was very low, and there was a price point threshold that she had to stay below, so options were tight. Was it a great area? Yes, but it was also a cookie cutter neighborhood with not much of a backyard or charm. We kept striking out, that’s when I said, “You know, we really should be open to other areas. If you are, I promise we will hit it out of the park.” And that’s exactly what we did.

So we went from Winter Garden to Winter Park.

Conventional wisdom would have one think that Winter Park wouldn’t have as many options in this buyer’s price point, but it sure did. We were able to find an even better home. Yes, it was older, but it had charm and a huge fenced in yard. It also sat beside a really cute serene, small lake. And did I mention the lot was bigger AND the home was redone and upgraded?!

It turned out that making this move actually put her closer to friends and family, upgraded her daughter’s school, and now she lives in an excellent peaceful, relaxing home where incredible memories will be made.

My point is, just be open. Trust the thoughts and advice of your realtor. This is what we do 24/7. We are a wealth of knowledge. We have seen it all. Pick our brain. And explore a good suggestion. You never know how it might work out one day.

Flexibility isn’t just for gymnasts. It might mean the difference of getting a nice home and getting an awesome home!

Take Care!!

Lee Goldberg of The GCI-Guys at Re/Max Prime Properties

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