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Brian Cohen
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  • 954-225-4799
Brian Cohen was born and raised in South Florida. As a new resident to Orlando as of 2017, Brian has now come on board as a full member of The GCI-Guys Team. He brings great value from his background in sales and marketing and both of his degrees in the 2 subject matters from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to the move, Brian had his own digital marketing company and then transitioned into real estate in 2015. He has been working in residential and commercial real estate and with The GCI-Guys in the South Florida market since then.  Brian always strives and has a passion for success. This shows in his dedication to customer service in the roles he takes on to help The GCI-Guys team grow. On his free time (which is minimal) he enjoys going to the gym/yoga, theme parks, and the occasional day of golf.

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